We believe that the sun is only aggressive in summer but damaging radiation such as UV rays are all year round. It is true that UV radiation is lower but does not disappear and these rays are the culprits of many diseases such as: skin cancer, cataracts, skin changes, wrinkles, etc.

However, although the radiation is less intense, it is more annoying. In winter, the sun's path is shorter and can be blinding. Bounces more on horizontal surfaces and penetrates more into the eye.


In addition sunglasses gives us more security at the wheel as the sun is more annoying and disabling when we are driving. A good sunglasses increases safety, improves vision, contrast, concentration and allows you to react better to an unexpected situation.

They also protect the skin around the eyes.

They help against eye dryness.

Summer is over, but radiation continues

They are essential for winter sports. Snow, for example, reflects a large amount of radiation, which is why we need to protect ourselves adequately.


Both light eyes and light skin are more susceptible to sunlight. They have less melanin and need more protection.

Another important fact is that children need more protection than adults. They are much more sensitive to UV radiation than adults.